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PH of the skin: what is it?

The ph indicates  the degree of acidity of the skin e  varies from person to person. This indicator,  between minimum and maximum values, if analyzed, is  able to define if you are in the presence of a healthy and balanced skin or, on the contrary, if there is some alteration.

The skin is characterized, in its outermost part, by a  hydrolipid film, a film, also called  "acid mantle", composed mainly of water (in the form of sweat, most evident in areas such as the hands and forehead) and sebum (produced by the sebaceous glands). Its main purpose is to  protect the skin from external agents (cold, sun, pollution, chemicals and  infections) and maintain hydration.

The pH values can range from  a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 14  and on average that of the skin is a  5.5.  If the pH value drops  below 7 it is said that it is "acid", while if it rises  above 7 the pH is "basic" or "alkaline".

Healthy skin does not have a neutral pH (value 7), it does  slightly acidic. A pH just below 5 therefore,  which makes the skin less sensitive and less prone to damage, not to mention that such a degree of acidity helps to keep the  skin microbiota, hindering the proliferation of bacteria.

It is clear that when this protection factor is altered, the skin can be affected, drying out, becoming irritated and risking infections of various kinds.

Respect the ph: detergents

Altering the pH of the skin risks drying or irritating it.  Because of this  detergents must have the right acidity value. Natinuel "cleansers" have a slightly acidic pH and  they are SLS and SLES free, they contain delicate surfactants integrated with PHA-AHA and biofunctional substances in order to delicately eliminate cellular residues and impurities without altering the surface hydrolipidic film.

Respect the ph: creams

Face and body creams, unlike cleansing soaps,  they are not rinsed from the skin and penetrate deeply into it. For this reason, if you have sensitive skin, easily altered or with special needs, it is good that you rely on high quality cosmetics that do not alter your pH. The risk around the corner can be that of dryness and dehydration. 

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