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COUPEROSE - What is it?

There  couperose  it is a problem that is positioned halfway between the pathology and the imperfection. Characterized by chronic and generally localized redness of the skin  on the cheeks and wings of the nose. The reddish discoloration of the skin is  due  to the dilation of the capillaries on the surface, which manifest themselves with greater intensity than the surrounding area.

Couperose can develop for countless reasons and women over 40 with delicate and dry skin are particularly prone to it.

Usually the area affected by the  couperose  it is very sensitive, both to temperature changes, and  to wind and solar radiation, a response mechanism to external factors, as well as with redness, even with a sensation of localized heat. The first approach to the skin prone to  couperose  is the protective one, the skin must always be hydrated and protected from stressful situations with suitable products, textures  full of cold and wind.


What are the self-care products indicated?


At the first signs of redness, we recommend the home product  Natinuel Homeo Gen , a delicate cream suitable for dry, chapped, sensitive skin  and with couperose, able to interact synergistically on the various aspects of the problem and favor its normalization. Homeo Gen Strengthens the tone of the capillary walls, increasing the skin's resistance to external agents aggression and skin sensitivity to thermal changes. It also promotes the restoration of an optimal and lasting surface and deep hydration and the regeneration of the skin barrier.  As for a phase of attack on couperose or dermatitis, we recommend the home product  Natinuel Homeo Rose , a cream suitable for heavily reddened areas of the face. Its formula has been studied for a functional interaction on the various aspects of the problem and therefore favor normalization. Normalizes inflammatory processes, reduces vasodilation and micro-vascular permeability, strengthening the tone of the capillary walls, reducing skin sensitivity to thermal changes.

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