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LPG Endermologie 


Unlike many other techniques available on the market, LPG® endermologie offers a 100% natural alternative: reactivating the dormant cellular activity in the heart of our skin to fight against all imperfections (wrinkles, sagging skin, resistant adiposity, peel skin orange ...).

The mechanical stimulation of the cells, defined as endermologie®, thus allows their processes to be reactivated naturally and without pain.

Eliminate adiposity

Thanks to the new patented Alliance treatment head, endermologie® allows you to act in a targeted way to thin areas that are insensitive to exercise and diets (arms, back, abdomen, waist, thighs ...), precisely adapting to the needs of each skin type.

Smooth out cellulite

Cellulite, which affects 90% of women, even the thinnest and most athletic, causes an accumulation of fat in the adipocytes (fat cells) and water retention in the entire surrounding area.


Firming the skin

Weight changes, pregnancies, the passage of time are all factors that make the skin gradually lose tone and softness. Even if the skin sagging affects the whole body, some areas are more sensitive than others: inner thighs, abdomen, arms, etc ...

Find your light legs again

Heavy and sore legs, swollen ankles or feet… these are all symptoms of poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Toxins accumulate in the body and this explains the variations in volume during the same day or linked to different moments in the female cycle.

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