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HYDROLIPID FILM: what is it? what is needed?   

The hydrolipidic film, which is distributed over the stratum corneum, is an emulsion made up of lipids ("fatty" substances) and water.

The lipids produced by the sebaceous glands (mainly triglycerides, waxy esters, squalene) make up the sebum and together with sweat and transepidermal water form a protective veil that covers the whole body.

The hydrolipidic film ensures the maintenance of pH and surface hydration to the stratum corneum. Thanks to its particular chemical composition, slightly acidic, it keeps the skin pH constant and neutralizes alkaline substances, preventing colonization by pathogenic microorganisms.

Preserve without altering. The role of detergents in daily hygiene.   

Cleansing is a very important process, it serves to eliminate all impurities that lurk on the skin. Simple water is not enough because the particles to be removed are insoluble and cannot be removed with  Flushing.

All NATINUEL home cleaners are SLS and SLES free, contain delicate surfactants integrated with PHA-AHA and biofunctional substances to be able to delicately eliminate cell residues and impurities without altering the surface hydrolipidic film.

The integrity of the latter is essential to preserve healthy and functional skin. These products are indicated for the daily physiological cleansing of all types of oily, dry and sensitive skin.

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