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LASER hair removal

Diode 808nm

progressive, permanent, definitive

New laser technology:

The LASER technique is very reliable and effective for the treatment of unwanted hair, as it is able to slow down its growth until it gradually disappears. It is a safe, quick, not painful technique and can be performed on all parts of the face and body.


How does it work?:

Diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat. The laser wave crosses the surface of the skin to reach the root of the hair follicle, here it is absorbed both by the melanin of the hair shaft and by that of the follicles, it is transformed into heat, thus increasing the temperature of the follicles themselves, triggering a natural physiological process which leads to the destruction of the hair follicle caused by the local temperature increase. The laser equipment uses a wavelength of 808 nm (as per technical-information sheet No. 21b), particularly efficient on the melanocytes of the hair follicles, without causing damage to the surrounding tissue, as the coherent light of the laser is able to be precise on the lens, which is why it is called "selective photothermolysis".

The follicles that are in the anagen phase have more melanin and can absorb the clear energy that comes from the laser. The laser therefore alters the development capacity of the follicle and therefore has the ability to slow down the growth of the hair until it gradually disappears.

Why 808nm ?:

Because it is the "therapeutic" window with the highest absorption coefficient of the melanin chromophore which is between 600nm and 1200nm. Although in the aforementioned window the light can also be absorbed by oxyhemoglobin and water.  


How many sessions are needed ?:

The treatment must be repeated at a distance of variable time between 4 and 6 weeks. Usually 8-10 sessions are necessary to obtain a permanent epilation over time, but already at the fifth / sixth session there is a noticeable thinning. The outcome of laser hair removal depends on the phototype, the size and pigmentation of the hair, and on their growth phase in the treated area. The results are considered satisfactory and, after 7/8 sessions, they see a reduction of 80% of unwanted hair. Afterwards, some occasional tweaking may be necessary, but this depends on the physiological response of each subject. Generally, hair that does not respond completely turns into a fine fuzz, visible only against the light.         Laser hair removal leaves the skin soft and shiny.

Effective, not painful and safe but ...

but it requires a serious evaluation of the client and a deep knowledge of the laser method by the aesthetic operator, as he is not free from possible risks and complications.

Price list to the public (per session)



(labiale, mento, basette, zigomi, naso, orecchie, attaccatura capelli)

1 zona

€ 50

2 zone

€ 90

3 zone

(o viso completo)

€ 120


Piccole aree da definire

(sterno, spalle, linea alba, seno, glutei, piedi)

da € 50


€ 60


€ 60


€ 90

Arti superiori (braccia e avambracci)

€ 130

Bikini parziale

€ 50

Bikini integrale

€ 75


€ 160


€ 120

Arti inferiori (cosce e gambe)

€ 250

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